1. Story

What is the purpose of this message? Who is to be addressed? What results are expected? Does this story fit you and your company? In addition to the knowledge of information design and animation, I can think along and give advice on the answers to these questions.
Your story
Why do you want to tell your story? Why is it important? What do you want to achieve with the story? In order to arrive at a clear message, it is important to first map out the context. I will gladly take you with me in my imaginary helicopter to look together at the landscape in which you want to tell your story. Experience shows that this will give us other angles and/or insights, which we can use to strengthen the message.
(Market) strategy
How does the story fit within the (market) strategy and the company? It is important that the message fits the DNA of the company in order to increase credibility. This is an essential step that is often mistakenly overlooked. I am happy to work with you at this level to develop an effective and appropriate message and deploy it in a targeted manner on the appropriate media channel.
Better sales of your product? More traffic on your website? More subscriptions to your newsletter? More followers on Instagram? These are some examples of the results of an effective and clear message, as I can set up with you.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell”

Seth Godin – Author, entrepreneur and teacher

“Every creative person can draft into service those around them who exhibit the right mixture of intelligence, insight, and grace.”

Edwin Catmull – Founder of Pixar, President of Walt Disney Animation Studios

2. Idea


The plan, the context and the intended customers are clear in your mind. Time to put the connecting story into words. During a kick-off meeting, we formulate the essence of the message as comprehensively as possible.

The red thread

With the input from the briefing, I look for the red thread and pass it back to you. Together, we assess this de-brief for the essence, clarity and impact of the message. Completely satisfied? High time to shape the message graphically!

From idea to concept

This is the creative part in which the briefing is visualised in sketches to be worked out into a concept. The concept gives a complete picture of the message, including a proposal of how this could look graphically. I like to present this and, as in all steps in the process, there is plenty of room for feedback.

Room for progressive insight

The concept is set in stone. Experience shows that insights arise after seeing the concept. Right up to the final phase, there is room for fine-tuning the message, while safeguarding the essence, impact and ultimate goal.

Co-creation for the best result

A successful message is created together. By combining everyone’s specialism and insights, we get the best results. Simply because an individual cannot oversee all aspects.

3. Development

Time to convert the concept into a graphic message. During the development, several moments are built in where there is room for feedback and adjustments.

Finally, the story is delivered in the desired format, depending on the chosen media channel. The result is an impactful, targeted infovisual / animation, with measurable successful results for you!

Do you want to tell a story too? I am happy to think along with you! Click below to get in touch.

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.”

Leo Burnett – Advertising guru in the 20th century

David Gall

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