Coalition agreement analysis info visual

The Association of Netherlands Municipalities approached David Gall information design to visualise the results of the coalition agreements analysis on just one A3.

The details of the coalition agreements were discussed during the briefings. The challenge was to keep the details to a minimum.

VNG members were given insight into the coalition agreements analysis by using this info visual.

This is reason for us to look at: What is VNG doing in this regard? How can VNG support municipalities even better?

What is the objective?

Share (new) insights from coalition agreements with VNG members.

Who is the target audience?

The info visual is shown during the General Members’ Meeting that takes place monthly. The members are familiar with the subject matter and the way of communicating. This is important information to determine how much the infovisual needs to explain.

What is the result?

The infovisual explains why VNG carried out the data analysis and what the results were. The results should give members (new) insights into the impact of the coalition agreements.

Mobility Challenge animation

David Gall was commissioned by Stadslab in 2019 to create an animation about the Mobility Challenge.

The one-minute animation explains what the Mobility Challenge is and how local residents can participate.

The Mobility Challenge is a unique experiment that directly links shared transport to improvements in public space in your neighbourhood.

What is the objective?

The aim of the animation is to explain to local residents what the Mobility Challenge entails. It should make clear what it brings to the neighbourhood, why it is necessary and how the local residents can participate.

Who is the target audience?

All local residents and entrepreneurs of the Hoogkwartier district of Rotterdam must be reached with this animate. In 90 seconds, the animation explains to this broad group of recipients what the challenge entails. 

What is the result?

Within a short time after the publication of the animation, 90 local residents and entrepreneurs had signed up for the challenge. The goal of the animation has thus been achieved. 

Automatic door sensors interactive info visual

David Gall was asked by Optex to create a tool for the installation and operation of Optex entrance door sensors.

Interaction in the tool is essential to explain the operation of the sensors.

The tool will be used for promotion at trade fairs and to instruct installers about the installation possibilities.

Solutions for the protection and activation of automatic turnstiles, revolving and sliding doors.

What is the objective?

The tool should convey the simplicity, operation and installation of the sensor. For installers, it should explain and visualise the various installation options, making it a simple operation in practice.

Who is the target audience?

The target group is very broad. Anyone who is interested in or works with door sensors should be able to use the tool.

What is the result?

As intended, the tool is used as visualisation for the installers. But the tool also turns out to be very handy for promotional purposes: to potential users Optex can show all functionalities of the sensors.

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