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David Gall translates stories into clear and insightful messages with measurable success.

3 steps to a result-oriented message


What is the purpose of this message? Who needs to be addressed? What are the expected results? Does this story fit you and the company?

We will work together to come up with an unambiguous plan.


I want to understand what the message should include in detail. Keeping the final objective clear is what we look for when looking for the common thread.

The concept and a visual proposal are developed with a strong message in mind.


The development of the concept can start. We work towards a desired result in co-creation.


Association of Netherlands Municipalities

The Association of Netherlands Municipalities approached David Gall information design to visualise the results of the coalition agreements analysis on just one A3.

The details of the coalition agreements were discussed during the briefings. The challenge was to keep the details to a minimum.

VNG members were given insight into the coalition agreements analysis by using this info visual.

Mobility Challenge Hoogkwartier

David Gall was commissioned by Stadslab in 2019 to create an animation about the Mobility Challenge.

The one-minute animation explains what the Mobility Challenge is and how local residents can participate.


David Gall was asked by Optex to create a tool for the installation and operation of Optex entrance door sensors.

Interaction in the tool is essential to explain the operation of the sensors.

The tool will be used for promotion at trade fairs and to instruct installers about the installation possibilities.

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know.
But if you listen, you may learn something new.”

Dalai Lama – Spiritual leader Tibet


David Gall regularly cooperates with other entrepreneurs, in order to offer the most complete service possible. In recent years, I have built up a broad network of self-employed people with specialist knowledge within the graphics and multimedia field.

My network includes the following specialists:

David Gall is part of the following partnerships:

The Flexeteers are professionals, each with their own specialism in marketing and communication.

Together we provide marketing and communication solutions with impact. One by one we are ‘thinkers and doers’ with extensive experience in many sectors. Knowledge and experience that we share and enrich. We listen and ask questions. And then go for the practical approach that enables fast and efficient work.

Since 2019 David Gall is part of the Flexeteers with his own specialization information design and (3D) animation

GrowthPartner works with entrepreneurs and managers in small and medium-sized businesses and large companies on the (rapid) growth and professionalisation of their business.

In 2015, GrowthPartner developed the book ‘The Growth Spiral’ together with David Gall. This exceptionally formatted (work) book provides the reader with tools to grow up to 4x faster and more profitably.

This pleasant collaboration has led to the creation of our new book ‘The 7-Star Organisation’. This book is available both online and in the bookstore.


Uw logo hier?

Pleased to meet you!

I started working as an independent information designer in 2012. After studying Product Design at The Hague University, I worked for various graphics companies before settling down as an entrepreneur. Through the many assignments I have worked on in recent years, I have developed into an advisory and executive project manager who knows how to effectively present a communication message.

I would like to get to know you in an approachable way. Not only on a business level, but also on a personal level. In my view, this is the basis for pleasant cooperation and achieving a good result.

I am happy to help you!

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